Fjeld Consultant has a persistent focus on safety, security and environment.

The main principles are:

S – Safety and security first
A – Avoid accident & identify hazards
F – Follow International Rules & regulations with respect to safe working and living conditions
E –Environmental protection and care for nature and marine surroundings.

Fjeld Consultant’s services is compliant with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.  Fjeld Consultant provides safe working practices, and assesses all identified risks to the personnel as far as applicable. Appropriate safeguards against all identified risks are established. There is a continuous focus on improvement of safety  and security management skills of personnel.

Fjeld Consultant strive to find solutions improve our environmental performance. All environmental aspects of our services and operations are reviewed on regular basis and measures are taken into action.

Fjeld Consultant’s management system is certified according to ISO14001. 


Fjeld Consultant has a high focus on customers. We will give our customers «added value» through good,efficient solutions and unique knowledge about the industry. Continuous improvement is a persistent goal, focusing on deliverability, good systems, and operational control. We shall satisfy the requirements of standards, laws and regulations, and shall have good routines for achieving this. Our employees should be characterized by being knowledgeable, being solution-oriented and innovative. Our activities are to be managed as processes, to achieve traceability, reproducibility anda standardized working method.

Fjeld Consultant’s management system is certified according to ISO9001.


Fjeld Consultant aims to establish a standard of ethics and integrity, in accordance with the law. Fjeld Consultant’s own program for compliance with legal requirements and code of conduct are implemented completely internally and externally.

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Transparency Act:

Information about Fjeld Consultant and the Norwegian Transparency Act here.