Design and Engineering

Our engineering team consists of skilled structural engineers and naval architects.  We focus on finding cost efficient and good solutions to complex problems by applying and combining established engineering principles, various analysis techniques and practical experience.  

Over the years we have developed an extensive database of in-house engineering tools for fast and easy calculations of common problems. For more complex challenges, we possess a modern and extensive software package for structural analysis and marine simulations. 

Range of typical deliveries: 

  • Motion & accelerations response analyses 
  • Stability and ballasting analyses 
  • Grillage and sea fastening design 
  • Lifting analyses 
  • Mooring analyses 
  • Towing analyses 
  • Deck strength analyses  
  • SPMT stability  
  • Bollard pull calculations 
  • Towing arrangement verification 

Inhouse software range:


Global static and dynamic analysis of marine systems


Diffraction analysis for loading response on wet bodies due to surface water waves via potential flow


Static, dynamic and wave response mooring analysis based on OCIMF recommendations

DNV Sesam GeniE           

Concept modelling and finite element analysis of beams, plates and stiffened shells

Autodesk Nastran           

Finite element analysis for solids and shells powered by Nastran solver technology


Hydrostatic and stability analysis of floating structures, ships and barges

Autodesk AutoCAD      

2D drawing and 3D modelling

Autodesk Inventor         

3D modelling, mechanical design and simulations

GM Catenary                       

Catenary analysis of moorings and towing lines

BEAM EC3                               

Code check of beam elements


Math software for verification, validation, documentation and re-use of mathematical calculations


Large number of inhouse developed calculation sheets for fast engineering of common features and problems

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