Marine Operations and Transports

Fjeld Consultant provides a full range of services within project- and heavy lift shipping.  Based on more than 30 years’ experience we have developed a high working standard with focus on HSSEQ systems to carry out our projects in a safe and efficient manner.  Among services Fjeld can offer:

  • Method & Feasibility studies
  • Assist clients in the design phase to optimize the transport flow from fabrication to installation
  • Good market overview making us capable to recommend design principles and transport solutions
  • Design & engineering
  • Preparation of method statement / transport manuals
  • Wide range of reputable inhouse software in combination with knowledge gives us the ability to assess a wide range of issues
  • Risk assessment
  • Lead- and coordinate operations

Since the start back in 1992, Fjeld Consultant has been a practical orientated company. Our aim is to cherish this attitude. We believe that by having people that all have on-site experience from leading marine operations, provides our clients with consultants that have a practical mindset that also are capable of providing the required theoretical verifications. We believe that this attitude helps us to see, possibilities, solutions, potential showstoppers and dangers at an early stage of an operation.

Our main playground is within the project cargo and heavy lift shipping, therefore expertise of ships design has a major focus in our daily work. Fjeld Consultant has built up an extensive database of different ship designs, owners and their main trade lines. Detailed knowledge of available assets on the market gives us the ability to see possibilities and solutions for our clients.

With more than 30 years’ experience within industry, we know the importance to keep our eyes open for standard solutions to obtain flexibility and cost efficiency for our clients. This can for example be use of standardized equipment or standard tonnage to avoid unnecessary positioning and delivery costs. 

By being involved at an early stage in the project / design phase, we can provide our clients valuable input with regards to sea fastening design, forces to be considered and how to accommodate these forces in a cost-efficient manner. 

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