Fjeld Consultant deliver engineering services for TP transport.

June 3, 2022

Fjeld Consultant was recently requested by our client to investigate the possibility of re-using a grillage arrangement for a TP transport. The original grillage-design was based on a set of accelerations from a larger vessel. The purpose of our work was to define a seastate in which accelerations of a smaller vessel will be within acceptable limits acting on the TP and grillage. This was delivered by Fjeld Consultant. Because the time frame available during loading was limited, the grillage was installed prior to vessel arrival for loading.  The TP was lifted onboard and attached to the grillage by preinstalled clamps. The complete operation and transport designed were in accordance with DNVGL-ST-N001.


  • Sea-keeping analysis
  • Vessel stability analysis &     ballast plan
  • Dynamic mooring analysis
  • Finite element analysis of     vessel
  • Stowage plan
  • Environmental load case     definition
  • Sea fastening design
  • Pre-fab drawings
  • NDT requirements
  • Operational limitations

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