Mooring analysis delivered by Fjeld Consultant.

October 6, 2022
Boliden Odda increase their production and have ordered three accommodation barges for extra housing. On behalf of Tronds Marine Service and Stord Innkvartering, Fjeld Consultant made the mooring analysis for the barges. The analysis is also used in the design and production of the quay infrastructure.

The three barges are moored together, exposed to wave loads and there were practical challenges and limitations for establishing bollards. For Fjeld Consultant’s skilled structural engineers this is a project where their combination of competence, practical orientation and focus on finding cost efficient and good solutions to complex problems came into light.

The picture is showing the first delivery in a total of three barges.

We would like to thank Tronds Marine Service for the trust you have placed in us in this project.

(Picture by Stord Innkvartering)

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